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Allaiter partout. Tout le temps.

More than a slogan, it is a right. The right of a mother to take total control of her body at home as well as in public spaces.

Sometimes taboo, sometimes adulated in various fantasies or even monetised in advertising campaigns, a women's body is a subject on which society clearly has a lot to say. 

In the street, on public transport, in the office, within a family...

In 2021, here is what can still happen in France, when a woman becomes a mother and chooses breastfeeding as a way to feed her child/children:

She may come up against a lack of information and support, feel great insecurity and loneliness.

She may be a victim of discrimination at work as soon as she is hired, when she announces her pregnancy or when she returns from maternity leave.

She may be struck by the violence of offensive words, judgmental looks and even deliberate harm.

She may, unfortunately, be disrespected and her rights may be ignored, and yet at the same time discussed by everyone.

As if breastfeeding was a choice that is to be kept secret, a choice to be made and only half-heartedly assumed. It upsets us as much as it disappoints us, it makes tears (and ink) flow. For the well-being of all and in the hope of reaching the "vivre-ensemble" to which we all aspire, it is high time to protect and defend it.

Protecting breastfeeding is not about criticizing the bottle or criticizing those who do not wish to breastfeed. Quite the contrary.

Protecting breastfeeding is protecting the choice. Protecting women in all stages of their lives.

To protect the right to use her body as she wishes, at the pace she wishes in her femininity as in her maternity.

From the government to health professionals, employers, individuals and co-parents, protecting breastfeeding is everyone's responsibility. To banish the systematic sexualization of the female body, to inform, normalise and support this natural choice is truly a shared combat.

During this Breastfeeding Week, which takes place from October 11th to 17th, but also every day of the year, Tajinebanane is committed to informing, protecting, and helping all parents, especially those who choose to breastfeed for as long as there is a need to do so.

To sign this manifesto is to recognise that breastfeeding anywhere, anytime is much more than a slogan. It is a right and it still deserves to be defended in 2021.

They've already signed up:

Alison (@cloudiies) & Marvin Cavaille, co-founders of Tajinebanane as well as the whole team

Amélie Challéat, influencer, creator of The Very Good Mother and founder of Allez L'Amour (@ameliechalleat)
Anna Roy, midwife and author (@annaroy75)
Benjamin Muller, Journalist at the Maison des Maternelles and producer (@benjamin_muller__)
Carole Hervé, IBCLC certified lactation consultant and author (@carole.questiondallaitement)
Cédric Rostein, founder of the podcast @papatriarcat
Charline Gayault, midwife and content creator (@charline.sagefemme)
Clémentine Galey, founder of the podcast @bliss.stories and author
Clémentine Sarlat, journalist and producer of the podcast @lamastrescence
Dominique Leyronnas, neonatalogist pediatrician and vice-president of Cofam (French Coordination for Breastfeeding)
Elise Goldfarb, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Coming Out podcast (@elisegoldfarb)
Elsa Wolinski, journalist and writer (@wolinskiki)
Ely Killeuse, content creator and author (@ely_killeuse)
Fiona Schimidt, Journalist (
Josepha Raphard, director and founder of the Loma Club (@josepha_raphard)
Jean Andre, cartoonist (@bonjourtattooclub)
Julie Longy, IBCLC certified lactation consultant (@julie.longy.ibclc)
Juliette Katz, singer, youtuber and author (@coucoulesgirls)
Juliette Mallet, illustrator and designer (@coucousuzette)
Laura Calu, humorist and actrice (@laura_calu)
Laura Tenoudji, journalist (@lauratenoudji)
Laure Manaudou, Olympic swimming champion (@lauremanaudouoff)
Louane, actress and singer (@watchoutforthetornado)
Louise Chabat, actress, influencer and therapist (@louisechabat)
Marion Gruber, content creator, entrepreneur and author (@fringeandfrange)
Marion Seclin, actress and screenwriter (@marionseclin)
Sophie Trem, author and founder of The Good Mood Class (@theotherartofliving)
Stomy Bugsy, artist (@stomybugsyofficial)
Shy'm, artist (@instashym)
Tristan Champion, blogger behind the site and author