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Choose To Act

Let’s Help Together

Our family evolves every day with the idea of remaining sensitive to the issues in the world around us.
Helping others can be achieved in a thousand different ways, we have always chosen to try and help throughout the Tajinebanane adventure
by supporting different organisations.

Latte Suspendu #1

From November 5th to January 15th, 2021
The most beautiful moments are those that are shared.

1€ at the time of validating your order gave the possibility of offering Tajinebanane clothes to families in need.
From November 5th to January 15th, 2021, more than 491 clothes donated thanks to your donations, to Association beneficiaries of the Agence du Don en Nature.

Latte Suspendu #2

From March 5th to April 10th, 2021
The most beautiful moments are those that are shared.

1€ at the time of validating your order gives the possibility to offer Tajinebanane clothes to families in difficulty.
For more than a month, each euro collected will be transformed into new clothes to help the Association. Un Petit Bagage d'Amour to be distributed to future or new mothers.

How does it work?

1€ extra
in your basket

X€ collected
Y products will be donated

Shipping of clothing
offered by Tajinebanane

Donation of products to
family-related organisations
thanks to the platform
which is a French agency
for donations in kind.

La Lolo'terie

Simone Donne + Tajinebanane
It was from 22nd to 31st January 2021

The one and only lottery that allows you to win Tajinebanane co'lait'ctors items while doing a good deed!

To try your luck, all you have to do is make a donation of minimum 2€ to the Association of your choice
(Cékedubonheur, La Maison des Femmes, Association des Lactariums de France) directly on the secured platform Simone Donne.

Drawing of the winners between the 1st and the 5th of February!

NOTE: THE LANDING PAGE IS IN FRENCH... unfortunately, this time round, the site is uniquely available in French. We are expanding the international side of the Tajinebanane team and promise that there will be more fun in the future for our English speaking fam!

If you are confident in French then bonne chance!
You can't choose which co'lait'ctor piece you're playing for, but you will select if you're playing for a woman, man or child's item by specifying the size when you validate your donations!
Thank you for your support

What we could donate so far

• 1000€ for the oncology department of the CHU Oscar Lambret
in Lille to improve the daily life of children with cancer.
• 1000€ for the Maison Tom Pouce
which helps single mothers in need.
• 1000€ for Wires Australia
which works to safeguard the fauna and flora in Australia
• 2120€ donated to the Fondation Hôpitaux

The « Big Colis »

Our drive to help didn't stop there, we launched a new initiative last May, to the benefit of the Tom Pouce, association, which helps isolated mothers to raise their families in the best possible conditions. Already having great visibility on Instagram, we decided to appeal for donations to this incredible community. Over the course of a month, we received dozens of parcels filled with new basic necessities (diapers, hygiene products, breast pumps, etc.).

Everything that could be useful to a young mom or mom to be. On Mother's Day 2019 we rented a van and drove to the Tom-Pouce-House in Paris to take the generous donations where they were needed most. It was an incredible experience, we got to know some great people, from different backgrounds and listen to their stories. A day full of love, which motivated us once again to continue helping others.

Following the "Big Colis" event we were, thanks to the sale of kids and non-breastfeeding tee-shirts,
able to offer a check of 1000€ to the organisation in December 2019.