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How do I care for my Tajinebanane clothing?

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My item contains cotton or cotton + elastane

Tip N°01

• Machine wash? Inside-out at 30 degrees, zips closed
• Drying? Very soft spin-drying
• Tumble drying? Forbidden!!
• Ironing? Low, softly and inside-out

Tip N°02

Cotton muslin is a fabric characterized by its technical weave with airy, interwoven threads which make the fabric light and breathable.

As a result, the fabric may shrink during washing, but don't panic, it will return to its original shape when ironed. Please iron inside-out.

My item contains viscose

Tip N°01

• Washing? Hand wash, inside out, with the zips closed.
• Spin? Very low and soft spin speed 
• Tumble drying? Forbidden!! 
• Ironing? Inside-out and gently (using a damp cloth makes the process easier)

Tip N°02

For the bravest among us:
Hand wash in cold water with a bit of detergent, let it soak, and do not twist the article when drying.


Tip N°01

• Machine washing? 30 degrees on delicate in a wash net or pillowcase.
• Spin? Low speed and gentle
• Tumble drying? Forbidden!!

Tip N°02

After a swim in the sea, a triple backflip in the pool and even after the spa

My item contains wool

Tip N°01

Machine wash:
• Cold, inside-out, zips closed, wool or delicate programme (depending on the machine) and in a washing net or if you don't have one, a pillowcase.
• Please do not use fabric softener (The excessive foam and thermal shocks can cause felting)
• Spin? Very low spin speed
• Tumble Drying? Forbidden!!
• Lay the product flat on a clothesline to dry.

Tip N°02

Hand wash: 
• Soak your knitwear in a small amount of cold water with washing powder (not too long). Do not use fabric softener, do not scrub and do not twist the article when drying.
• Pre-dry the product by rolling it in a dry towel (repeat the process if the item is very thick).
• Lay the product flat on the clothesline and avoid hanging on clothes hangers to avoid deforming the fabric.

Did you know? 
Wool can be self-regenerating and therefore self-cleaning when in contact with oxygen.
It is a great idea to regularly air out your wool sweaters.


Tip N°01

This article is a mix of several materials and colours, in order to keep your item in good condition we recommend dry washing by hand with the zips closed.

Tip N°02

Did you know?
You can give your favourite article a freshen up on a hanger by the window to get rid of bad smells and all kinds of bacteria.

My item contains a small accessory

Tip N°01

As you know, our goal is to make clothes for breastfeeding anywhere, anytime. This includes technical details in the designs such as zips or snap buttons to facilitate access to the breast but also aesthetic details such as buttonholes or cords.

We would like to remind you here that all of these finishes (cords, zips, snaps...) are entirely reserved for you and are in no way chewable toys for your baby.

Your Tajinebanane items will often be worn more often than other items in your wardrobe (Open Bar, all day long!). Therefore, it is even more important to follow the washing instructions to maintain the quality of the products, as long as possible.

Tip N°02

You should know that the safety and durability of our products is one of our main concerns, which is why all of our product accessories comply with REACH regulations.
All of our products have been tested by an independent expert laboratory Intertek, recognized worldwide and in accordance with standardized regulations: ASTM D4846, ISO 12945-1 et EN16732

Tests carried out and approved:
• Zips are resistant to more than 1000 closures and openings: result very satisfactory
• Pressure pull over 30 Newton: result very satisfactory
• Garment wear test: result 4.5/5

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