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Her whole tribu inspires us and she acted as a model for the latest edition of the Mamma Tajinebanane x MyTravelDreams nursing tee; discover her journey as a mom and some advice from her. 

Hello Marion,
Can you please introduce yourself to the Mif'?

My name is Marion, I'm 31 years old and I'm the mother of Romy (4 years old), James (2 years old) and a third little one who will arrive in November. For 14 years I have shared my life adventure with Guillaume, and we live with our feet in the sand in the south of Les Landes, near Hossegor! I am the author of the blog FRINGE&FRANGE, the Instagram account and the hat brand of the same name.
My little family and I are travel lovers, our hearts have always been in California. Guillaume is a musician and photographer and I'm into fashion, knitting and embroidery... Creative at heart!

You are pregnant with your third child. Do you feel a difference in the way you have approached this pregnancy? What about breastfeeding?

I don't think I've had time to wonder about what's ahead yet! This third pregnancy is flying by and I just can't wait to meet the little person that has been growing inside of me for the past 7 months. We don't know if we are expecting a girl or a boy, which makes this pregnancy new for us. And about the breastfeeding to come: zero stress! I'm looking forward to everything that awaits me after the birth. The cuddles, the warmth, the practicality, the tenderness...
With Romy, I didn't know what was going to happen, but this is different. I had two great long breastfeeding journeys with my first ones, so I know it will come naturally with the last one.

You shared a very touching testimony on the Bliss Stories podcast about MAP. Can you share your boob mood, for all those parents who are on a MAP journey right now?

We had a rather uncommon path to have our children: after months of unsuccessful "natural" trials, we went through the MAP process. After a year of IVF, we had the most beautiful gift four years ago: Romy! But this was not just a single gift: we were lucky enough to be able to freeze 3 other fertilised embryos, in addition to the one that gave us our daughter. Result: 2 years later, James was born, and 2 years after (this year), a third pregnancy, thanks to this same IVF. It's crazy, I still can't believe that we were so lucky and that all the transfers worked...

The adventure gave a special dimension to my pregnancies and my relationship with my children. I dreamt so often and so powerfully about this family. I feel like every moment is a miracle and honestly, I have been living my best life as a mom for the past 4 years.

Breastfeeding is, in this context, very important to me: my journey has been so medicalized (between IVF protocols, frozen embryo transfers, two scheduled C-sections and the one to come), that breastfeeding is my own way of controlling part of my motherhood. It's a bit like the cherry on the cake of my journey, my own thing, a great source of pride: to be able to feed my children on demand anywhere, anytime, after all the uncertainties and obstacles to get to where I am today.

What is the first piece of advice that instinctively comes to you that you would give to your pregnant friends who would like to breastfeed?

I have lots of them, it's one of my favorite topics, but the one I repeat over and over is to write down the 3/6/9 days/weeks of the baby in advance on a calendar, so you don't panic during the growth spikes. Anticipating it makes intense feeding times much cooler/less stressful, because then you know that in 24 hours, it will be over!

Bonus tip, to relieve the pains that can occur especially at the beginning: put a drop of milk on the nipple at the end of the feeding. It's magical and very simple. The milk repairs everything and it really helps to avoid cracks.

A question of love: after 15 years with your husband Guillaume, 2 young children and a new one on the way, can you give us any advice about how to keep the fire in your relationship?

We've always been a team, Guillaume and I, so that helps. We've needed each other's backs at every stage of our lives since we met. I was 17 and he was 23, so we obviously grew up together during those early adult years, and we still do.

Today, the team has grown! And in order not to lose sight of each other, we can always count on my super insistent side to always open the discussion on what is bothering us and I am guilty of never letting anything go. Guillaume is a great listener, so communicating usually works very well. We also love to tell the kids about all the things we did before and with them, it opens our eyes at the same time on how lucky we are to have lived so many adventures together. And then we love each other very much and we tell each other so, all the time!

I don't know if I really have any advice to give, because I tell myself that each couple is different, each story too... But with us, what works is to talk to each other, to say things to each other and to know how to find each other when we need it.

Tell us the last punchline from Romy and/or James that made you laugh or feel awkward?

A few days ago, I was putting on my makeup, and Romy said: "are you putting on makeup because you're not beautiful today, Mom?" - THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY LITTLE DARLING.

The next Tajinebanane collection will be released in October. While waiting to know more, we wanted to ask you a simple, if slightly strange, question: if you were an animal, what would you be? And why?

Definitely my dog Maui. Our Shiba Inu dog, the chillest animal in the world. Her life: cuddling and sunbathing.

Otherwise a whale, because I understand their size pretty well right now.

Thank you Marion for your precious time ! 

We invite you to follow her on Instagram, her account is as beautiful as it is heartwarming!