Nos adresses kids-friendly à Bordeaux

Our kid-friendly addresses in Bordeaux

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For those international parents in Bordeaux or those looking to visit this beautiful city for the weekend...

We were divided as to whether we should list our fav "kid-friendly" spots or not. To do it or not to do it, that is the question.

To do it is to say "here, you can come with your children, everything is accommodated for" whereas, in our opinion, it should not be necessary as you should be able to go everywhere (or almost everywhere) with your children. It would be like saying "here you can breastfeed"... Does that mean that over there you cannot? You don't even have to answer that stupid question.

Not to do so is to forget that sometimes, going to a restaurant requires a 5 year Bachelors Degree in Preparation... Will I be able to heat up their meal? What if there is no changing area? How will I be able to use it?

So we decided to give you some kid-friendly addresses in Bordeaux, hoping that a maximum of restaurants will follow suit... Far from us to be a teacher, but being kid-friendly is not a constraint and requires so little investment, whether in terms of time, energy or money. Being kid-friendly is welcoming a baby/child like any other customer; it is finding a way to meet their needs and alleviate some of the stresses for parents.

Thanks to your recommendations and to the fact that the team is greedy and loves to discover new addresses, we have a list of restaurants in Bordeaux that allow us to enjoy them with our little ones. And it goes without saying, we have some great neighbours.

Come back here as soon as you need inspiration, we will update our list of kid-friendly restaurants in Bordeaux! If you have any ideas or if you are a restaurant owner in Bordeaux, don't hesitate to send us your contact information directly on our instagram.


1. @samos.greekfood 🇬🇷🌿
2. @brutusrestaurant 🥩🍷
3. 🌞🍻 / @leschantiersdelagaronne 🐚🍕 
4. @ours_cafe 🍪☕️

5. 🥕🧆
6. @itbordeaux 🍕🍝
7. @suzzikafe 🇸🇪🧁
8. @nomad_bordeaux 🐙🍅

9. @mamacam_cantine 🫖🌿
10. @lapetitepoucettebdx 🧸🍰
11. @pnpbordeaux 🥪☕️
12. @hutongrestaurant 🍲🥑 

13. @mademoisellesimonebdx 🥞🍊
14. @cafepiha_bordeaux 🍳🥐
15. @cafeeriu 🍰☕️
16. @sauvages_cafe 🍔🥗