Allaitement & reprise du travail :<br> vos droits et nos recommandations

Breastfeeding & going back to work:
your rights and our recommendations

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Going back to work is often seen as a barrier to being able to continue breastfeeding, or an achievement for those who do...

If you decide to wean your baby before returning to work, whatever the duration of your breastfeeding, the timing or the reasons, know that it is your choice. It should in no way be a decision made for you or one that needs to be justified to anyone. As long as it comes from you and/or your baby, it will always be the right decision.

If you decide to continue breastfeeding, rest assured that you have several options: you can continue with morning and evening feeds, meet your baby during the day if he or she is kept near your workplace, and/or pump milk at the office.

We hope that you will soon realise that this is possible: firstly because the law provides for it, and secondly because for every project/question/problem there is a solution. On the French version of our site, you can download our special file on breastfeeding and returning to work, to hopefully help you find some answers to your questions.

Continuing to breastfeed when returning to work: 2, 3 little tips

In our opinion, the foundation is a supportive environment.
For this, we advise you to:

Surround yourself with as many positive voices as possible: 

🤗 Surround yourself with mums who have made the choice to continue or even stop breastfeeding as you approach the return to work, health professionals who will guide and reassure you and/or help you organise the breastfeeding and/or weaning of your baby... But also your spouse, who will encourage you in your choices, the person in charge of your children's care, with whom you can discuss your wishes and plans as much as possible, and your professional entourage, including your employer, with whom you can anticipate your return to work.

Successfully dismiss two main concerns that are legitimate, but that you don't need: 

💆🏻‍♀️ Having your child looked after is a big stage, the first few times can be anxiety-provoking and we understand that! To begin with, try not to feel guilty about leaving your child, don't be afraid to verbalise your worries to the people looking after him/her. You can even, if you want, ask them to send you photos regularly during the day. Tell yourself that the situation may actually more difficult for you than for your child, so take a breath and everything will be fine!

🌿 Nature is well designed. If your wish is to continue breastfeeding after your resumption know that with the right information, adequate stimulation and a favourable environment there is no reason for your breastfeeding to stop. 🥛


If you are planning to stop breastfeeding, we advise you to get support and assistance:

From initiation to weaning, breastfeeding is an important emotional and physiological stage, which often deserves support to pass these milestones as serenely as possible.

If your plan is to continue breastfeeding,

If you are planning to continue breastfeeding, whether exclusively or mixed, we leave you to check out our special Breastfeeding and Return to Work file and keep it with you as a resource in case of doubt or questions.

 You will find, among other things (in French):
☝🏽 A reminder of the law and your rights
🗓 A list of the equipment needed for your breast pump
✔️ The rules for expressing / storing / warming breast milk properly
🔎 An FAQ with recurring questions on this subject
❤️ … and a boob mood, as always!

We will also always be available to answer your questions on our Instagram account @tajinebanane

If you are interested in reading the Breastfeeding and Returning to Work file, you can download the document by copying the following link: