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Interview with Thomas Gravereau

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Coming back to the collaboration with Thomas Gravereau, artist and  illustrator who makes love shine through a prism, on the occasion of our new capsule "we are.", a special for Valentine's Day 22.

Can you introduce yourself? What is your background?

Hello! I am a very fearful guy, sometimes funny and I always ask myself way too many questions. I am white, cis and gay.
I was born in Bordeaux and I had the chance to move to Paris to study advertising. I worked in communication and brand management for agencies and advertisers, and then one day I got fed up and decided to work for me, myself and I. I started to make illustrations for my clients.
I started doing illustrations 2 and a half years ago and I really enjoyed it; it allowed me to express a lot of things I had trouble verbalizing. So I decided to make it my job, even if I can't really draw :)

We have the feeling that you use illustration to sublimate, make visible, denounce. Can you tell us a little more about it?

I started illustrating a few years after educating myself about feminism and discovering the LGBTQIA+ culture.
It was a big blow: a mix of happiness and revolt. I thought it was unfair to have had access to this information so late in my life, so I thought it would be a good thing to illustrate and tell what I would have liked to see and hear as a kid.
My work is above all a need for visibility (diversity of bodies, loves, genders, complexions...). It may seem light, naive and fun behind my childish and naughty style but it always carries a message, a reflection. I like to twist the received ideas and to question what one thinks they may have acquired.

A word about the capsule print?

I wanted to make a pattern that radiates Love like shining a ray of light through a prism; illustrating the diversity of bodies, genders, ages, sexual orientations and sexualities... To illustrate a sexual, sensual, affectionate love, solo, for two or more x infinity. To show that there is no rule to love (each other), except respect of the other and to give the best of oneself. (With or without orgasm, because it is not the be all end all!)

What are you doing for the Valentine's Day?

Nothing special except a symbolic raclette with my boyfriend, but this year we are moving that day so it will be junk food and sleep

Any last words before leaving? (A message that is close to your heart)

Thank you for this collab which I absolutely loved. I can't wait for it to finally be revealed and for your community to bring it to life. Kisses.

Discover the capsule we are.: