Interview Leah Spicer<br>pour la collection lait it snow

Interview with Leah Spicer
for the collection: lait it snow

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For the new lait it snow collection, the Tajinebanane team wanted to see it embodied by a mom somewhere else, somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic, in Wisconsin, west of Chicago.
Welcome to the home of Leah and her family.
Enjoy the read!

Could you please tell us a little about who you are and who is in your family?

My name is Leah Spicer, my fiancé Kyle and I have three children, Sonny, Tom, and our new baby Esther.

Where do you live and why? Was this a change in your life? Tell us what you like most about your home sweet home?

A year and a half ago we left the city and moved to the county. We moved back to my childhood home, and the farm I grew up on. We wanted a smaller, simpler life, more access to the outdoors, and land to grow food and raise animals. I find my parents to be some of the most delightful people and I wanted me and my children to be close to them as they grow older. We’re happy here, we have a ton of family support, the kids are thriving, we are learning, and we started a restaurant in a small town close by. I love the big windows in our living room, they look out over a big field and forest, I love our cozy wood burning stove, and I love the boys bedroom and the collection of art we have displayed in there.

What has your experience been with breastfeeding? Did you breastfeed your children? Are you still breastfeeding?

I love breastfeeding my babies. I breastfed all my kids and am still nursing the toddler and the baby. Sometimes it can feel like you never get a break, or the children are clawing at your clothing, but I usually read my book when nursing the kids, that that feels like a big treat. It’s such a nice time to feed your baby, or comfort them, and get in a few pages of a book too.

What would you say about the societal place of breastfeeding in the United States? Could you give your perspective about whether it is more or less accepted than in France?

I think it’s getting better. I still feel some discomfort from other people when breastfeeding in public. More like, people will make little jokes, which seems to be their attempt to deal with their discomfort.

I imagine that everything in France is better than in America, so yes, I think it’s probably better, more supportive, less taboo, and all round a better experience to breastfeed in France.

Any last few words to encourage a future mother who could be reading this?

I think breastfeeding is so convenient, you never have to pack a bag with bottles or formula, you never have to get the hot water to just the right temperature, you never have to wash bottles, breastmilk is always right there and ready for your baby. We make and clean up so many meals as mother’s, it’s nice that, for at least the first six months, you can just whip out your breast and feed your baby.

A big thank you on behalf of the whole TB team and the Mif Tajinebanane!

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