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DIY with your breast milk!

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We found that pouring our breast milk down the sink was one of the most terrible images of motherhood.

Those of you who felt a twinge of sadness when throwing away your milk, raise your hand! 🤚🏼

Fortunately, there are solutions to save your precious breast milk from the drain and this is even when it has become unfit for consumption (when there is a surplus not drunk by your baby, or left a little too long on the bedside table...)


First of all, a little reminder: 

(Please note, the time periods discussed are not cumulative: for example, you cannot leave milk at room temperature for 10 hours, then three days in the refrigerator and then freeze it for six months). The ideas discussed are valid for domestic use (hospitals and lactariums may have different rules), and always having carefully washed hands and the containers used beforehand.

Two recipes to give your white gold a second life:

🛁 Mamas Milk Soap

Come on, don't make that face, don't worry, you won't have to run around the markets in your area singing the benefits of your new range of soaps. On the other hand, we bet you'll feel very proud of yourself once you have your little bars of soap ready - to take care of your baby's skin and more! It'll be good for the whole family, and if you leave it lying around on the sink and see your buddy washing their face with your brand new boobs-friendly soap... don't feel like you have to tell them everything... 


- 100ml of milk
- 100g of Aleppo soap shavings (from Marseille if you only have that)
- 3 CS of coconut oil
- 2 CS of honey
- Optional: 25 drops of essential oil compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding (like vanilla or mandarin!)

Melt very gently in a saucepan, in a bain-marie. Keep the drops of essential oil aside for the moment. Stir the mixture regularly. Once the mixture is homogeneous and well melted you can remove it from the heat and add, if you would like to, the few drops of essential oil. Then you have to mold your little soaps, for this purpose use silicone molds, muffin style. If you have some in Patrouille it can work too.

Leave your molds overnight in the fridge - make sure they are set before unmolding your soaps.

Last step that will test your patience, find a cool and dry place and let your soaps rest for about a month before bathing your baby with them!

A Cleopatra bath

Cleopatra had the reputation of liking to take donkey milk baths, no stress if you don't have a donkey in your residence, we're telling you that you have what it takes to make you're own royal bath!

We know that pouring a little breast milk into your baby's bath water will give them very soft skin. Don't hesitate to slip into the bath with them if you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, the virtues of your milk will only do good to your young mother's skin, this is a strong must try recommendation from the team!

🍦 Milky Ice Cream: a summer recipe to use your fresh milk !

A recipe idea to use your stock of clean milk in a different way (which can be a great alternative when your baby is being babysat or when for example they are teething and suffering from sore gums)

When the summer heat arrives, why not offer an ice cream to your baby who has already started their food diversification (according to the WHO recommendations - around 6 months).
As a complement to a balanced diet, it will allow them to discover new flavors, textures and even relieve their little gums from teething!

For the recipe nothing could be simpler!
- Take some good breast milk, mix it with a fruit for fun (banana of course, but why not peach or melon!)
- Slip your mixture into small molds provided for this purpose.
Example of nice and cheap ice cream molds here

For parents who practice child-led diversification you can add small pieces of fruit instead of blending them!

Of course in these situations and at each meal, it goes without saying, that you much always survey your little one!

Voilà some tips to end those horror stories that end with milk down the drain! Feel free to share other recipes or uses for breast milk!

La mif’ Tajinebanane.