10 tips pour un séjour montagne<br> avec les kids

10 tips for a trip to the mountains
with the kids

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It's time for the winter holidays!
Many of you have chosen the mountains as a destination to see the amazement in your kids' eyes. And you're right to! First experiences in the snow, outdoor activities and new horizons, we give you some tips to enjoy this beautiful escape with your family.

1. Choose a kid-friendly resort. 👶🏼👧🏽🧒🏻

First of all, make sure you don't go too high in altitude: don't go over 1200 meters before your baby's first birthday to avoid ear infections. Some resorts are rather famous for their festive atmosphere, so find out in advance if you want to find THE resort that allows you to spend pleasant vacations with your family (without hearing feet tapping all night long on the floor above).

2. Get the right equipment. 🎿

Beware of the cold! Think of the famous three-layer rule. A thermal underwear, a fleece, plus the big jacket like a down jacket or ski coat. To find all the right equipment and children's ski clothes, we advise you to go and have a look at Les Petits Baroudeurs, you can let us know what you think! Opt more for carrying your baby against you for mutual warmth.

3. Protect yourself from the sun!☀️

We don't think about it enough, but the sun reflects on the snow, and it can wreak havoc. Think of the sun cream index 50 and do not skimp on the quantities! Then of course, take sunglasses, category 3 to protect your retinas. This applies to children and adults alike!

4. Vary the activities. ☃️

Be original, let your imagination run wild! In addition to skiing, you can easily try a snowshoe outing through a rental, take advantage of a little ice skating, try out sled dogs, or even swap the sled for one of those big snow buoys that are very much in vogue this year. Maximum fun guaranteed!

5. Prepare yourself at least a little physically. 🏋🏼‍♀️

Depending on your level, your attendance at ski lessons, but especially on your motivation and the time you will spend on the slopes, it may be wise to consider some muscle strengthening exercises for you and your minis, to get you ready to hit the slopes. Get doing those jumping jacks!

6. Enjoy the activities offered by the resort. 🎆

Many winter destinations offer animations, workshops or even shows for children, precisely in order to make your stay there as magical as possible (and more than a weekend at DisneyLand)! Information is usually available on the website of the tourist office, so go and have a look!

7. Take advantage of this vacation to teach your little ones to ski. 🏂

This activity is such a great experience, and the earlier you start, the better! Each resort offers different schools, for all ages and levels. This could be the opportunity for you to (re)put on the slats too!

8. Take the time to discover the mountain, its small villages, and its traditions. 👀

Put on some wool socks and a big pair of shoes, and stroll through this special, yet authentic heritage. A few snowflakes in the narrow streets lined with cottages and you're done!

9. Choose the best family plans 👌🏽 : 

You will easily find answers to your daily problems as a parent thanks to these tailor-made solutions: for example, the concept of stroller-sleds for rent to facilitate your movements within the resort.

We were lucky enough to be to be welcomed by Charlotte and her Mif at l'Hôtel Outa (Termignon Val Cenis) and we can highly recommend you to stay there! It couldn't be more kid friendly and the location at the foot of the slopes is ideal. If you book after seeing this (mention "la Mif à la Montagne" when you book), an aperitif or a snack will be offered to you !

10. Last but not least, get organized! ✅

We know we're not teaching you anything you don't already know but, snow vacations are often a rush. So check out the sites, call the tourist offices if you need to, and above all think about booking your activities. Early booking is your friend!


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