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Club Med Seychelles Exclusive Collection

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Last November, we had the chance to discover the Club Med Seychelles Exclusive Collection for a week of vacation fun, all inclusive.

Despite the reputation of Club Med I must admit that I never thought I would enjoy this trip so much (spoiler alert: I am already making my plans to relive the Club Med experience with my family).
We're used to traveling with our whole little tribe, but I have never been able to relax as much as in the organisation of this holiday.

Before departure to the Club Med Seychelles Exclusive Collection:

📱 I downloadedthe application My Club Med which allowed me, in real time, to count the days before the departure and to double-check the important and mandatory points (PCR, travel insurance...). An application that was very useful during our stay, to see upcoming activities (sailing, photography, yoga...) and to register for them.

✈️ We opted for the brand new direct route Paris-Mahe with Air FranceThis is a great comfort when you travel with children! The Seychelles are only 3 hours difference with Paris which makes the stays of one week and more much more comfortable when we travel with our minis.

🌴 Early in the morning we arrived in Mahe and in just 15 minutes by mini-bus and 10 minutes by taxi-boat, we were on the small private island where the Resort is located.

🎥 All the details and images of my stay is always pinned in my 2 stories on the front page, to discover or rediscover here: @cloudiies

For you, I'll get to the point: why we loved Club Med Seychelles Exclusive Collection

🛎 Quality of service: 

🤿 The kids club: from 3 to 17 years old, our 3 children (3, 9 and 13 years old) had fun with children of their own age all day long: archery, sailing, cooking classes, swimming pool and water games reserved for children... Activities included in the stay and adapted to their ages, which allowed us to free up some personal time to enjoy each others company and take a breather from this crazy year that had just passed.

👌🏾 In the evening, around 5 pm, all the family was complete and we could enjoy without constraint quality time together.

👶🏼 You also have in addition a baby club service from 4 to 23 months and occasional babysitting services, Do not hesitate to ask when making your reservation.

✅ I used to think that the Club Med experience was all about living life to the fullest with others. But that's not true! We spent entire days without seeing anyone because the resort is so huge (and yet we were in the middle of school vacations). Deserted white sand beach, adults only swimming pool which offered us beautiful afternoons of rest... We chose our moments of conviviality to play volleyball or padel tennis for example. In short, a community chosen when we wanted it, if we wanted it. 

🍉 When traveling with children in all inclusive, I think we all want to, as soon as we board, forget some of the stresses, keeping an eye on them, cooking, cleaning etc.
But without any tongue in cheek, the all inclusive classic kids friendly is often fries, noise, fries, noise and fries! Club Med is, however, notorious for the fact that what you eat is balanced, quality, diverse and extremely delicious. RIP my memories of the Piña Colada... 🍹

For the anecdote, even on the morning of the departure (so at about 5am), you have your breakfast waiting for you so that the kids don't attack the suitcases at 10am, the suitcase service so that you only have children to think about and especially that you don't forget one on the way... Everything is organized down to the last detail so that everyone can enjoy the trip until the last minute.

For babies you have the baby corner in the restaurant every day, with heated baby food, bottles, changing table and bathtub at your disposal! Ask for your baby kit when you make your reservation

🌅 The spot: 

If the Seychelles are a dream on paper, being able to enjoy excursions is a real wonder. We did two of them!
One as a couple in lovey dovey one to one, "just the two of us, you know the deal... Once again, special mention to Club Med Seychelles Exclusive Collection because we were able to ask for a room service breakfast on the morning of the excursion for our children, who were still asleep when their ungrateful parents slipped away, and the older one was able to take care of the little ones and bring them to the respective kids clubs. We were then able to enjoy a stress-free trip (more than an hour away from our island on other islands).
In the evening when we came back, the kids had had a great day, all of them had eaten (every evening on request the kids can also eat in their groups - ideal for a date on the beach kids-free) we only had to do two or three dance steps to send the kids to sleep without much difficulty.

📸 We also discovered a family excursion, on the snorkeling program, discovering the aquatic fauna, the cuckoos to the turtles, 56789 photos and videos later we returned with some incredible family memories. I know that this kind of vacation has a cost, but I tell myself that there is always Instagram vs reality and if there is a place that is as beautiful in the stories as in reality it is the Club Med Seychelles Exclusive Collection

💸 Budget: 

Travelling with 5 people and wanting to enjoy it, you have to put your hand in the wallet every 5 minutes for a cocktail, an ice cream to my right, an umpteenth juice for the child, a little crêpe etc. etc.... Not to mention the activities that, with 5 people, quickly become a serious budget. The Club Med bracelet gives you access to meals but also to all the extras throughout the day 🍉 🍹 that makes the holiday go more smoothly.
Parenting Tips: The bracelets open the doors of the rooms so, how can I say it, it's super convenient when you forget everything and your kids are independent!

The idea of never taking your wallet out during the stay and only enjoying the fun, group and or sports activities, a generous buffet or a barbecue of grilled fish on the sand just puts +7998776 points in your "relax budget".💆🏽‍♀️

🧘🏽‍♀️ On the other hand, I must admit that I can't guarantee that you won't fall for the resort's boutique, which will allow you to buy what you need in case you forget (sun protection @seventyone for us it's almost local 😉,  sanitary needs...) but also beautiful souvenirs ♥️ or at the Spa @cinqmondes which offers you a moment of pure relaxation, alone or with a partner. 

☀️ Little tips:
Don't hesitate to get quotes for several clubs and outside of school vacations to get the best prices!
🚤 Free stay* all year round in all sun resorts in summer and winter:
*Less than 2 years old: free of charge also valid on air transport
• 6/11 years old: up to -50%* on the stay
• 12/17 years old: up to -20% on the stay

✈️ Click here to book your next vacation 🌴

In your suitcase for the Seychelles: