🎄Boob News! Until the end of the year, Tajinebanane will help you with delivery costs 🎄

Welcome to the Tajinebanane family!
Through making orders you get access to the "Breastfast-Club". This means: birthday vouchers, delivery advantages, access to new articles before their actual release and lots of other great offers!

Even if we say so ourselves, it's a great club!

How does it work?

The principle is simple: for each order placed, 1€ = 1 point!

Collect points to fill up the breast pump and climb our 4 levels of milk loyalty!

Benefit from Exclusive Offers
The more points you accumulate, the more exclusive offers you will have access to: birthday codes, offers from our partner brands, delivery advantages, pre-sale access to new products!*

Become a Lait-gend
Collect more than 1000 points to become a VIP member of The Breastfast Club:
exclusive early access to our products and on certain collections (except limited editions), models at half price once or twice a year!

Become a member of The Breastfast Club!

Our 4 Lait-vels

Lait's go: from 1 to 300 points
Birthday code: 10€ child and 10€ mother*

Breastfriend: from 301 to 600 points
Birthday code: 20€ child and 20€ mother*,
+ Access to partner offers

Lait-xpert: from 601 to 999 points
Birthday code: 30€ child and 30€ mother*,
+ Access to partner offers,
+ Access to previews before their release
+ 1 Colissimo delivery and 1 free return every 2 months

Lait-gendary: from 1000 points
Birthday code: 40€ child and 40€ mother*,
+ Access to partner offers,
+ Access to previews before their release (excluding restocking, pre-orders, limited editions),
+ Free Colissimo deliveries and returns (one order per day)
+ Once or twice a year, one model at 50% off on certain collections (excluding limited editions)

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* The loyalty program applies only to orders placed on the site and in the shop

* Love... it is all about keeping the flame alive 🔥
So let's keep the heat in this relationship 😎 That is to say that, unfortunately, if no order is placed on your loyalty account for 12 consecutive months, you will find yourself in the lower milk level 😩
But we know you won't "lait" that happen 😎

* Your kids will benefit from the birthday codes until their 2nd birthday ♥ Birthday codes cannot be accumulated with each other, nor with any other promotional code.

Find all our loyalty program conditions
in our FAQ.

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