'Le Flan Minute' <br>par Guillaume Sanchez

'Le Flan Minute'
by Guillaume Sanchez

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🍮'Le Flan Minute' Recipe - Guillaume Sanchez x Tajinebanane

For this recipe, suitable for babies on a diversified diet (about 6 months):


• 200g breast milk (freshly pumped/expressed or thawed)
• 1 egg yolk
• 100g fermented vanilla water
• 2g psyllium powder*


👩🏽‍🍳 In a Thermomix/Babycook or any other food processor: 
- Gently heat the breast milk while mixing
- Then add the egg yolk at 50°
- Cook at 86° while mixing, then add the psyllium powder
- Pour directly into a plate or bowl
- Allow to cool and set (the thinner, the faster)

And... bon appétit bébé ❤️
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* Advice for families: already breast milk exposes you to explosive 💩, this recipe should not be abused to avoid laxative effects in our children!

Discover this incredible recipe on video:

Many thanks to Guillaume Sanchez for accepting the challenge of creating a recipe based on breast milk for the first time.
With this recipe, he is helping us to work towards the democratisation of breastfeeding in France.


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We can't wait to discover your recipes!

Video credit: Massare Maxime 
Muse 🤱🏾 Zindi