Our advice to let go & have peace of mind

Yoga, pre and postnatal meditation & other tips from the team

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Want to know THE #1 topic of discussion at office lunch breaks every time someone on the team gets pregnant? Discussing tips on how to have peace of mind and live well with this major change. And as the title of this article suggests: yoga and meditation come up a lot.

This article was written in collaboration with the team Yogom, a responsable French brand for ultra elegant yoga mats, tested and approved by the team's yogis.

There are many ways to reclaim a body that is going through changes, during or after pregnancy... (we can't say it enough: you are a warrior ⚡️). But in our opinion (aka the Tajinebanane mums team 👋🏼), There is one that is done gently and that does as much good for the mind as the body: yoga and its ally, meditation.

In concrete terms, what are we telling you? That stretching and taking care of your body during pregnancy or postpartum, practicing breathing to calm your stress when you go back to work, meditating to reconnect to the present moment when your head is full... All this allows you to let go, while "keeping control" of your well-being. Lait it be... sound familiar?

In this article, you will learn the basics of Lait it be:

🧘🏽‍♀️ The benefits of yoga exercises and recommended poses for pre and postnatal

💭 Meditation and breathing techniques

🥛 The best advice from the team to be well, and lait it be

This stunt was performed by a professional @aurelielouisalex, Do not try to do this at home 😅

Pre & postnatal yoga: Why? How to do it? 🙏🏼

⚠️ Always seek professional advice before starting any physical activity during your pregnancy or after giving birth. 

📍 What are the benefits of pre and postnatal yoga?

• Improve your sleep and help you feel more relaxed.

• Improve your balance, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident in your movements.

• Improve mental health and stress through the release of beta-endorphins.

• Strengthen joints and improve mobility.

• Reduce the likelihood of excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Physical activity is too often confused with performance ☝🏼: just because you don't finish a session all sweaty and red, doesn't mean that exercise isn't beneficial. Tailor your exercise to your basic athletic level and try to establish a routine, starting with 10-15 minutes a day, 3 times a week, increasing the pace if you feel good.

While pregnant, yoga helps relieve many pregnancy-related aches and pains but also prepares your body for childbirth 🤰🏻. By practicing the right poses, you stretch and release tension in the areas stressed by the weight of your belly, preserve your perineum and deep abs, and open up your pelvis

After childbirth, yoga allows you to reconnect your body and your mind, at a time that is often emotionally charged. Through breathing and relaxation, you learn to let go, at least for a few minutes. 🙂

Where to practice pre and postnatal yoga?

Yoga can easily be practiced at home, as long as you have your doctor's approval and have already taken at least one class to make sure you are doing the right poses. We can only recommend that you take appropriate group classes (even with your baby), especially to bond with other moms.

So here are some of our favorite yoga positions for pregnancy and new moms*:

*I promise, it's much easier than the pear tree above

1️⃣ The Warrior Pose

Step back with your left foot and turn it outward, so that your toes are pointing to the front left corner of the mat. Bend your right knee, keeping it in line with your ankle, and point your toes straight ahead. Raise your arms and place them above your head, palms inward. Hold for 30 seconds, then return to mountain pose (standing straight with feet together). Repeat on the other side.

2️⃣ The Adapted Hero Pose

Kneel on the floor with your knees together and feet hip-width apart. Sit between your feet, place your hands in a comfortable and supportive position behind you and look forward. Stay in hero pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute, or as long as you feel comfortable. Take a deep breath, relax, drop your shoulders down and back and lengthen your spine. Lift your chest, widen your collarbones and relax your neck.

3️⃣ The Balancing Table Pose

On all fours in table position, inhale and raise your right leg parallel to the floor, pointing your toes behind you. Focus on a point between your palms, inhale slowly and raise your left arm parallel to the floor, stretching your fingers out in front of you. Breathe in and hold for 3-6 breaths. To release: exhale slowly as you bring your left arm down, then lower your knee down, returning to the tabletop position. Repeat on the other side.

4️⃣ Seated Side Bend Pose

Place your right hand on the floor with your elbow slightly bent, or on your stomach if you have more practice. With your left leg extended in a comfortable position at your side, reach your right arm up and bend over to your left side. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute, switch sides and repeat. Breathe slowly and deeply, keep your hips on the floor, and as you bend your torso to the left, pull your rib cage to the right.

Meditation & Breathing: How to get started? 💆🏼‍♀️

Meditation often goes hand in hand with yoga. Meditation is knowing how to settle down, become aware of your body, your breathing and your emotions. The perfect formula when you are short on sleep or your moods change every second.

The key to good meditation is good breathing; it is what will help you reduce your heart rate and relieve muscle tension. Used as a mediation tool during labor, for example, deep breathing relaxes the central nervous system and reduces the perception of pain and the duration of labor.

How do I go about it? 🧘🏼

• Lie down on your bed with your feet shoulder-width apart (if you are pregnant, you can sit on a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart).
• Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, mouth closed (5 seconds).
• Focus on the image and sensation of your belly rising and your lungs filling up with fresh air.
• Hold this position (for 2 seconds)
• Exhale slowly through your nose (5 seconds).
• Repeat this cycle at least 4 times

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Other tips from the team for Lait It Be 🥰

If yoga is not your thing (have you even tried it? 😏), we asked some of the moms on the team to give us their best (other) tips on how to have the most peace of mind before / during / after a baby arrives.


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