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Perrine is one of those talented individuals with whom we have been fortunate to work! As a professional photographer, she opens the doors to her world and shares her journey and experiences with us. It is also an opportunity for her to share her perspective on breastfeeding and motherhood as a photographer belonging to the Fam' without being a mother herself. Today, Perrine tells us more about herself and her successful encounter with Ali!

▹ Who are you? Where do you live? What is your profession?

My name is Perrine Pohier, and I have been living in Brussels for the past 6 years. I lived in Liège (Belgium) for two years, but I am originally from Champagne-Ardenne, a region located in the East of France. Allow me to briefly tell you about my journey..

About eight years ago, I arrived in Belgium to pursue studies in communication after completing my literary baccalaureate. I pursued a three-year program in Nancy, where I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communication.

However, my true interest always leaned towards the artistic domain. That's why, after obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I considered enrolling in an art school. Unfortunately, in France, tuition fees are quite high, which led me to work and finance my studies. Over time, I discovered that earning money was rather enjoyable, and it diverted me from the idea of pursuing a master's or further studies as I had initially planned. Instead, I made a bold decision: to go to the United States, to New York, as an au pair for a year.

Upon my return to France, my boyfriend accepted a job in Belgium, near the Belgian-Luxembourg border. So, we decided to settle first in Liège and later in Brussels. It was at this time that I truly began to pursue photography professionally.

▹ Why did you choose the profession of a photographer? What drives and inspires you?

In reality, since a very young age, I have always been passionate about photography, capturing images of everything around me. One day, my boyfriend asked me a question that changed my perspective: why not seriously consider a career in photography?

It was at that moment that I gathered my courage and decided to embark on this exciting adventure! As a French living in Belgium, building a network hasn't always been easy. Thankfully, my proactive approach and sociable nature have been of great assistance. Seeking out clients and making myself known hasn't been a problem for me.

What deeply motivates me is the possibility of documenting life moments and creating memories frozen in time. What particularly excites me is the human aspect of photography, as I mentioned to Ali. For instance, when I take photos at a restaurant, my interest goes beyond the final image. I am sometimes curious to discover the preparation of a dish, to meet the people behind the creations, which often leads me to explore the kitchen. It's the same approach with Ali and her brand "Tajinebanane." Capturing the products she offers is thrilling, but I was also very intrigued by the person behind the brand, her story, and much more.


You met Ali, the founder of Tajinebanane, during a talk, and you both felt the desire to offer each other help and support. Ali invited you to participate in a maternity photoshoot, and on your part, you helped her become more familiar with her camera, as even though she's not a photographer, she is eager to learn.

▹ What did you take away from this experience and exchange?

I was fortunate enough to meet Ali at a talk organized by Emilie Duchêne, the founder of Thea Jewelry, and Clio Goldbrenner, who also has her own brand. Both of them are from Belgium, and I was already familiar with Clio as we had previously collaborated. Being a part of this event provided me with an excellent opportunity to connect with inspiring female entrepreneurs. Although a similar talk had taken place in Brussels, I didn't attend because the Brussels scene often feels repetitive. However, the one in Paris immediately caught my interest as the speakers present were incredibly inspiring. My decision proved to be right, as when I had the chance to converse with Alison, our exchange was truly enriching.

I felt a genuine connection with Ali, and I believe she is the coach who left the most lasting impression on me. Sometimes, we may think that certain individuals only get opportunities because of their background, but I was deeply moved by her personality, honesty, and openness about the challenges she faced to achieve her current success. Even though I'm not a mother yet, I greatly admire the Tajinebanane brand for its commitment. It addresses and continues to solve a "problem" related to breastfeeding in our society. Before Tajinebanane's creation, nursing clothes were not necessarily practical, but thanks to Ali, they are both practical and enhance the person wearing them. I find it incredible that she thought about this, and I imagine she did it because she herself experienced this issue as a mother.

It is often inspiring to see how certain individuals create concepts in response to gaps and problems they observe in specific areas, and embark on the journey with the determination to address these issues. Ali has achieved incredible work and provided a solution for numerous women with Tajinebanane, and it continues to help many mothers to this day.

What is your perspective on motherhood and breastfeeding, which are still quite distant from your daily life as a woman and photographer?

The photoshoot in collaboration with Ali and the Tajinebanane team has been one of the most exceptional experiences as a photographer. Currently, breastfeeding is not a topic that personally concerns me, but upon discovering the brand and the values associated with it, I realize how wonderful it is to be part of a community like this. During the photoshoot, I was amazed to meet diverse women who share a more or less similar vision. It made me reflect on breastfeeding in a new way, especially when seeing Ali's stunning creations.

Regarding my perspective on breastfeeding, while it remains an area I am not currently involved in, I am truly impressed by the changing attitudes. People like Ali play a significant role in advancing society by challenging preconceptions and opening minds to important issues. It's unfortunate that some individuals still react negatively to the idea of breastfeeding in public, despite it being a completely natural act that deserves widespread acceptance.

Regarding motherhood, yes, I would like to have children. As I approach my 32nd birthday, this idea is occupying more and more of my thoughts. Currently, my life is already quite fulfilling as a photographer, and I want to fully embrace the success I am experiencing in my career right now because I have a lot of work, and it's an amazing experience! However, I am convinced that motherhood would bring a unique self-confidence and allow me to continue growing personally.


▹ What do you hope for in your career going forward?

I am truly inspired by individuals like Ali because she is an incredible role model in her professional life. Starting from scratch, she has built Tajinebanane with remarkable determination and open-mindedness.
Working with a team like Tajinebanane in the long run would be a dream for me. Whether with TB or another exceptional brand, I would love to support them in their journey and grow together.

This perspective motivates me immensely, and I hope to meet more people with the same passion and vision embodied by Ali and her team.

Well, thank you to the Tajinebanane Fam', and see you very soon!! 👋🏼