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How did it all begin?

The story of our production begins a few years ago, in spring 2018, when we started working with an agent in northern Portugal. In the beginning, we were just four individuals, but we had a clear vision of our goal: to create high-quality, durable, and practical products while respecting the environment. 🌳


Given the technical specifications of our products, our profession has become some sort a full-fledged expertise, and that's how we hired our first two employees: Pauline and Justine. With their arrival, we were able to expand our product range by offering clothing for women, children, men, and more. As a result, we were able to market over 100 different styles in 2021, test new products and materials to meet the demands of our customers. 🤰🏽

Today, we still have around a hundred developments per year, spread across multiple launches. As a general rule, we have one collection launch per month.


Our production team now consists of five individuals. Justine is in charge of production and ensures that each step is carried out efficiently. Marine and Fanny work alongside her to assist in the organization and coordination of production.💻

Pauline is in charge of the collection and is responsible for finding inspiration and creating collection plans. She follows the product from its conception to its commercialization, actively participating in the photoshoots of the collections. 📸

Hélène takes care of the styling to ensure that each product aligns with the brand image and the vision of the collection. 🍌

Finally, Clémentine is our pattern maker/product technician, responsible for sending technical files to suppliers and ensuring that each product meets our expectations.📒


The quality and practicality of our products have always been at the core of our concerns. Therefore, we have implemented rigorous processes to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality and safety. That's why we wanted to organize a video exchange with you to answer all your questions and show you the passion we have for our profession and for creating high-quality products.👌🏼

The main stages in the development of a new product

Our production process is a key element of our company. It allows us to create high-quality products that align with our ethical and environmental values. We follow a 5-step process, from product creation to delivery, including sourcing suppliers, product development, and production launch.


1️⃣ The first step is the creation of products. Our creative team composed of Alison, founder of Tajinebanane, Pauline and Hélène, search for inspiration and raw materials to develop a collection plan. This step is crucial as it determines the direction of the collection. ✍🏽


2️⃣ The second step is supplier sourcing. We choose our suppliers based on rigorous criteria such as European production and their commitment to meeting our specifications developed by Intertek, an independent quality organization. We work with suppliers located in Italy, Bulgaria, France, and Portugal because each country has its own specificity and strength, which is what we seek. For example, we produce all our jersey products in Portugal and our knitwear products in Italy. 🏭


3️⃣ The third step is product development. Our product technician sends technical files to the chosen suppliers with all the necessary details such as composition, embroidery, printing, measurements, etc. We then receive an initial prototype that we try on, measure, and test to ensure it meets our expectations. There can be 1 to 3 iterations per model. As a general rule, if we reach the 3rd prototype and it still doesn't meet our requirements, we cancel the design.👚


4️⃣ The fourth step is production launch. If everything is okay with the prototype, we proceed with a pilot run (low-volume production) to validate the grading of our product. We never initiate full production without receiving these samples. Meanwhile, we place orders for the approved designs and receive a production material sample to validate its compliance.
If the pilot run, material sample, and accessories are okay, we proceed with production. It takes approximately 5 to 8 months to produce our collections.✅


5️⃣ Finally, the last step is delivery. Prior to each shipment, we receive samples to validate compliance, and upon receiving the goods at our warehouse, we conduct a quality control check through random sampling. This step is crucial as it ensures that the product meets our expectations and quality standards. 📦


In conclusion, our 5-step production process allows us to create high-quality products while adhering to our ethical and environmental values. We take pride in working with suppliers who uphold standards and ensuring strict quality control for every delivered product.

What are the main steps in making a t-shirt

The making of a cotton t-shirt requires precise and meticulous steps to achieve a final product that is of high quality, durable, and comfortable. Each of these steps is crucial to ensure that the final product meets the expectations of customers..

1. Selection of Raw Material: To produce a white cotton t-shirt, it is essential to carefully choose high-quality raw materials. Cotton can be grown in various countries, and there are numerous cotton varieties available. Depending on the requirements of the final product, it is important to select a quality cotton that will be comfortable, soft, and durable. ☁️

2. Dyeing of the yarn: The raw cotton yarn is then dyed in the color of the final product. 🧵

3. Knitting of the jersey: : Once the yarn is dyed, it is knitted using a special machine. The jersey fabric must be knitted with an appropriate density to ensure it is durable, comfortable, and pleasant to wear.🪡

4. Patter making: The pattern of the t-shirt is created on paper or computer, based on standard measurements for each size. 👚

5. Cutting of the jersey: The jersey fabric is then cut according to the pattern, ensuring that the grain lines of the fabric are aligned correctly. This step is crucial to ensure that the t-shirt has the right size and shape, and to minimize waste.✂️

6. Assembly: The different parts of the t-shirt (sleeves, collar, front, back) are assembled using specialized sewing machines. The seams are carefully stitched to ensure durability, allowing the t-shirt to withstand movement and repeated washings.🧼

7. Finishing: Once assembled, the t-shirt goes through a finishing stage to remove any excess threads and minor imperfections. The seams are also checked to ensure they are perfectly straight and durable. 🪡

8. Labeling and packaging: The t-shirt is then labeled with information such as size, composition, washing instructions, etc. It is then folded and packaged in a recycled and recyclable polybag, ready to be shipped to stores or customers. 📦

9. Shooting and uploading: Our products are sold worldwide to support breastfeeding and families everywhere. Anytime.