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Tajinebanane x Puissante

Why is my libido low/or high? What is happening in my body? How to manage the differences in desire with my partner ? How to approach masturbation in a simple way ?

Many women, mothers or not, breastfeeding or not, have these and other questions in common. So why not talk about it freely?

For the launch of Coco, by Puissante x Tajinebanane, we're offering a blog article without taboobs, to talk about female sexuality and pleasure, especially in the post-partum period.

Self-esteem, relationship with the body, libido(wn), masturbation ... A few hints to help you understand, among other things, the implications of an established relationship with your desire, whatever your situation.

Because it is normal to make yourself feel good, and put yourself first for once ❤️‍🔥

Click on "Discover", on the image below, to access it.