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Maud is 1m60 and wears a size M, de:Maud ist 1.60m und trägt Größe M

What equipment to buy for breastfeeding your baby?

Breastfeeding essentials

Breastfeeding is a natural stage for many mothers and their babies, and while beneficial, it may require some equipment to ensure a comfortable and effective process. So, breastfeeding is a natural and beneficial experience for both the mother and the baby.

Beyond the nutrient-rich breast milk tailored to the infant's needs, breastfeeding strengthens the bond between the mother and the child. However, it is essential to be well-equipped to experience this moment with ease.🥛

Nursing cushion: A must-have for mothers

1. What is a nursing pillow?

A nursing pillow is an accessory designed specifically to support the mother and the baby during breastfeeding. Its U or C shape is intended to encircle the mother's body, providing support in a comfortable position while also offering a soft place for the baby to rest. 😴

2. The benefits of breastfeeding

• Increased Comfort for the Mother: Breastfeeding can sometimes be challenging for the mother's back, arms, and neck. The nursing pillow helps prevent these tensions by providing support, especially during extended feedings.

• Optimal Baby Positioning: The pillow allows for positioning the baby at the ideal height for breastfeeding, which can facilitate latching and reduce the risk of pain or cracked nipples.

Relieves Arms and Shoulders: The mother doesn't need to constantly hold the baby with her arms, reducing fatigue. 💪🏽

3. Usefulness during pregnancy

Long before the baby's birth, the nursing pillow can prove to be a valuable sleeping companion for pregnant women. Its adaptable shape:

Supports the Belly: In a side position, it helps support the belly and prevents excessive tension on the back. 🤰🏽

Relieves Legs and Feet: Placed between the legs, it can help reduce swelling and discomfort. 🦶🏽

4. Post-partum uses

Beyond breastfeeding, the pillow can also be used for:

Supporting the baby when they begin to sit: This provides extra protection in case of tipping or falling. 👶🏼

• Relaxation time for the mother: Perfect for resting, reading, or even meditating.

5. Tips for choosing a nursing pillow

When purchasing, take into account:

• The Filling: Some are filled with microbeads, while others use foam. Each type provides a different level of support. 🪡

• The Cover: Choose a removable and machine-washable cover. 🧼

• The Size: Make sure it's suitable for your height and body shape. 📏

• The Shape: Depending on your preferences, you might prefer a U-shaped or C-shaped design. 🍌

In conclusion, the nursing pillow is a true ally for mothers before, during, and after the baby's birth. We recommend the selection of maternity pillows from our partner Babykare.fr. Not only does it provide support during breastfeeding, but it also offers undeniable comfort during pregnancy and can be useful in many other moments.

Breastfeeding Pads: Protection and Comfort for Breastfeeding Mothers 🐾

Breastfeeding Pads: Breastfeeding pads provide breastfeeding mothers with a discreet solution to manage milk leaks between feedings. Made from various materials, they can be disposable or washable. They not only offer protection against stains on clothing but also comfort due to their softness and absorption capacity. The choice is made based on the mother's needs and preferences.

Nipple cream: Relief and healing for nursing mothers 🥛

Nipple cream is essential for breastfeeding mothers dealing with pain or irritation due to breastfeeding. Formulated to moisturize and protect the delicate nipple skin, it provides immediate relief and helps heal minor cracks. There are different types of creams, including those based on lanolin, plant-based, or aloe vera gel. When choosing a cream, it is essential to prioritize natural ingredients, ensure its safety for the baby, and consider its ease of application. Used after each feeding, it enables a more serene and comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Breastfeeding shells: discreet support for mothers 🐣

Breastfeeding shells are designed for breastfeeding mothers, offering a discreet and effective solution to various breastfeeding challenges. Made from soft and flexible plastic, they are placed in the bra and adapt perfectly to the shape of the breast. They can serve multiple purposes: they help protect sore or cracked nipples from any friction, thus allowing for faster healing. Additionally, for mothers with flat or inverted nipples, they can promote nipple protrusion, making it easier for the baby to latch on. Furthermore, they effectively collect milk leaks, preventing discomfort and stains on clothing. In short, breast shells are a valuable ally that provides protection, comfort, and support during this important period in a mother's life.

Maud is 1m60 and wears a size M, de:Maud ist 1.60m und trägt Größe M

Breastfeeding outfits: combining style and practicality 🤱🏽

Breastfeeding, although natural, sometimes requires adjustments in a mother's daily life, especially when it comes to clothing. Opting for breastfeeding-friendly attire not only simplifies this stage but also allows the mother to feel comfortable and stylish. Tops with discreet openings, such as wrap-style tops or double-layered t-shirts, provide easy access to the breast without revealing more than necessary. Some manufacturers even offer dresses, tunics, or blouses specifically designed for breastfeeding with clever zips, buttons, or layered features.

As for nursing bras, they feature clips or fasteners to easily free the breast. It is essential for these garments to be made of soft and breathable materials to ensure the comfort of both the mother and the baby. Finally, breastfeeding-friendly attire does not mean sacrificing style; it is entirely possible to combine fashion and functionality to feel good in one's body while meeting the needs of the baby.

Breast pumps: electric or manual? 🍼

A breast pump may be necessary if you want to express your breast milk to feed your baby later. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a manual breast pump, which is easy to use and quiet, or an electric breast pump, which is faster and automatic.

Preserving breastmilk 🥛

Once the milk is expressed, it is essential to store it correctly to preserve its nutritional qualities. Glass or BPA-free plastic containers, specifically designed for breast milk storage, are highly recommended.

A healthy diet for improved lactation 🍌

As a mother, your diet influences the quality of your milk. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains promotes optimal lactation.

How to choose breastfeeding equipment 🤰🏽

With so many brands and options available, choosing your breastfeeding equipment may seem complex. My advice is to prioritize eco-designed, durable products made from natural materials. Brands like Suavinex, Lionelo, Béaba, or Doomoo, available at Babykare, are perfect for this.

Breastfeeding is a personal experience, and choosing the right equipment can help make it easier. By combining information on early childhood with Babykare's expertise, this article aims to guide you in your preparations.

You can check out product selections on Babykare for equipment suggestions or gift ideas. It's important to remember that every breastfeeding journey is unique, so it's essential to find what suits your situation and experience it at your own pace with your baby.