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Tattoo Kids

Tattoo Kids - 10€ 10€

We can already hear your children shouting "Too coooool" over your shoulder... and we can see you planning designs on your goddess body while trying to make an appointment at Bonjour tattoo club !

This board of kids tattoos made by Jean André himself, as authentic as they come, so that your kids can have some fun and be as stylish as you!

Tip from the Tajinebanane fam':
If your kid has a job interview and you want to remove the beautiful Open Bar tattoo on their forehead, use a soft creamy soap.


Ephemeral tattoos comply with French cosmetic standards. As such, they do not contain allergenic agents.

The inks are made from soya. However, the only element in contact with your skin is the adhesive that holds them in place: this is made of an acrylate polymer (Acrylate copolymer), the most commonly used binding agent in cosmetic products, but also in shower gels and shampoos.

It is safe for your skin. You can obtain more information on this product on the Cosmetics Observatory.

In addition, tattoos are designed to be easily removed at the desired time. All you need to do is use a creamy soap or greasy oil (such as olive oil).