It's Raining Milk Sweater

It's Raining Milk Sweater

It's Raining Milk Sweater - 69€ 69€

Seeing the breast as half full is the motto of the Tajinebanane Fam'... We just need love, and for the very little ones... milk too ;)

So turn up the music and see the bright side because after the rain, always comes the sun!!
It's Raining Milk!

Breastfeeding anywhere, anytime... in style.

Our Advice:
This sweatshirt is short cut, slightly tighter on top with wider sleeves for a casual "balloon" effect.

Laundry Tips:
Have a look at our washing and care advice for all your Tajinebanane items.


Machine washable at 30°, inside-out.
100% organic cotton.
We try to avoid the use of chemicals wherever possible and replace them with more natural methods during production. Therefore, please note that the clothes may shrink a little after washing.

Double openings + zips for closures.
Tajinebanane interior material overlay on the inside of the openings to ensure maximum discretion.