SMAM Poster

SMAM Poster - 5€ 5€

SMAM is the French World Breastfeeding Week. You will have seen across our social media that we have launched a very special campaign that has been garnering some considerable support! Here are the posters to download and relay on your networks, or to print in order to spice up your cabinets, offices or even your WC... You do you. 🔥

A unique price for a (very) good cause: 100% of sales will be donated to the NGO Care® which fights all year round and throughout the world so that all women, girls and families can see their rights respected.

Reminder from the Fam':
We know the temptation is to download a poster and pass it on to your neighbour 🤫... Don't forget that behind every project, there are worthy causes that desperately need your support.

When you buy your poster, you will be able to download it twice, within 30 days of your order.

A3 size

Legal notice:
Not to be displayed in public areas.
Not to be disposed of on a public road.
Not to be reproduced.