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With this 100% organic cotton nightgown, you will be able to breastfeed from your maternity bed and feel comfortable everywhere at home...


The openings are as practical as ever, very large to allow you to take your first steps as a breastfeeding mum without stress while remaining a super discreet breastfeeder, its cut will allow you to be stylish even with 2 hours of sleep. It opens our Bed and Breastfast range, because we know that we can breastfeed anywhere, anytime, but that it is often in the comfort of our beds!

In need of inspiration?

Pauline gives you some ideas for looks on our IGTV

Our Tips:

Take your usual size, it's loose fitting and can be worn during pregnancy!

If in doubt, go one size down

Washing & Care:

All our tips for taking care of your Tajinebanane pieces

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